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Falconer and Romanski created an incredible character in Harmon, and to have him feature so prominently in this movie just felt right to me. Big ass girl facesitting. Not as good as the series, but certainly had its moments. Blue mountain state naked scene. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. For most television shows that go off the air, the actors go their separate ways.

The plot was one dimensional. I think the movie was set up to be an intro to a final season of the show. Glad to see this come out.

I think it showed him chalking lines on the track earlier in the movie also I really don't want to fight you right now but I respect you. Monday to 6 a. Thad vows revenge upon Alex unless he can find it. Free mature milf pictures. If you are a youtube user, you probably know who Jimmy Tatro is. However, it feels if they would have tweaked just a few things here and there, it could have been an Old School-esque classic in the college humor genre.

A single regular season episode was filled with more funny moments and a better story line. Everything Marty Daniels wore after his accident, Bobby Petrino wore in real life. Frankie Shaw lying naked on her side showing her ass as a guy lies next to her smoking a joint and exhaling smoke before he reaches for a phone. There were only about 2 minutes of film that had to do anything with football.

There are a few quirks to this show that can be hard to embrace without a little exposure first lol. His acting career is farther than any other actor in the show currently and doesn't get any dialogue. Sammy feels left out so he tries to become the mascot. But there was way more dick than I ever expected to see. Robot Frankie Shaw Frankie Shaw of Blue Mountain State fame seen asleep in the background while lying naked on her stomach showing the side of her left breast as Portia Doubleday and a guy look at her and then talk briefly as Frankie goes out of focus before the guy walks over and wakes her up and then stands there as she goes back out of focus for a while again.

The fun of American football comes with watching all the strategy of the pre-snap adjustments! It started with Romanski and Falconer, the showrunners. Yeah it felt like this could have been a two parter for the show not an actual movie, several episodes were way better than this. Naked news chicks. Unless it was a throwaway line that I missed or something happened at the end of season 3 that I totally forgot, we never get any sort of explanation for why Denise Richards's character is missing.

Also what the fuck no theme opening song?? A successful movie would be even better. What can we expect from Thad in the movie? Interview Chris Longo May 9, Sign up for our newsletter Newsletter. While Alex and Craig deal with Thad's hazing rituals, Sammy opts for a darker approach: There were a lot of boobs but not all of the boobs.

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You could say this movie sets up a final season of Moran's senior year but the movie sucked.

Creative ideas are certainly not in short supply. Cool cars and sexy girls. Thad impresses the coaching staff so much that the coach enforces a rule that the whole team must become celibate. Sure its totally made up, but the characters always acted like something mattered to them--coach and his wife, and his team; Thad and his career.

In doing so, they set up a charity football game with the church. Then the movie would at least revolve around football. I've been waiting for this movie for years, ever since I finished the series 5 years ago I was left sort of unsatisfied with the ending. Blue mountain state naked scene. SMILF Frankie Shaw Frankie Shaw wearing just pink socks and a thin yellow t-shirt as she crawls around on the floor with the shirt hiking up to reveal a good portion of her butt. I mean, probably the best scene in the film was the would-be threesome haha.

Frankie Shaw walking down a hallway in a hospital wearing a gown that's open in the back to reveal a good portion of her butt. I rented it on my xbox and there were tits. Now, as much as I loved the film, it is far from perfect. Ravens cheerleaders naked. Glad to see this come out.

A cruel prank war breaks out, which could only be stopped with Alex offering up a willing virgin "sacrifice" Sammy's new girlfriend for the Lacrosse team to have sex with. To me, that subplot was the best writing in the film since it's full of the satire that made the best episodes of the series so great. A television camera crew follows the team and coaches, and records the tension between Alex and new offensive coordinator Marcus Gilday.

I honestly think a better plot for the film would have been the team sucking ass, and all of the former grads forming a team and challenging the current BMS squad to step up and get their shit together. Each player on the team picks a random drug out of a helmet to then take, except for Craig who is given one picked out by Thad. I don't know what it is with TV shows making movies, but rarely do you see it work. Mixed thoughts but definitely enjoyed it overall. It shows his dick more than I see tits.

Really hoping this movie sells well so we can have a season or movie of their senior year at last. There are a few quirks to this show that can be hard to embrace without a little exposure first lol.

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I had 7 friends over to watch this, with me and 6 of those friends waiting years for this movie. Official big tits. The show is hilarious, but aside from a few scenes the movie was boring.

And if they do pick it up, I really hope they bring Dig Dawg in the main cast, he fits in so naturally with the other characters. All that said it was a fun movie, if you liked the show you'll probably like the movie.

Frankie Shaw of Mr. The Sammy being raped by a goat then eating it thing was when I really felt them just trying wayyyy to hard. Alex adjusts to becoming the starting quarterback and team captain, Thad awaits word on his future with the team after his drug related arrest following BMS' loss in last season's championship game.

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Chuck teaches him to fight. They came out and said "college is supposed to be 4 years and we only got 3" 3 seasons of the show and the movie had nothing to do with Alex's senior year. Hot secy naked girls. Alan, best of luck with the Blue Mountain State movie. All of it was fairly shameless, and none of it was seriously. Dialogue just felt off compared to the quick and witty remarks in the actual show.

This page was last edited on 1 Julyat The movie was enjoyable, but the show is 10x better. 1 direction nude As an American Idol fan, I have to sneak this question in here. For leaked info about upcoming movies, twist endings, or anything else spoileresque, please use the following method: Frankie Shaw reclining in a bath tub with her breasts in view over the side of the tub. She then stops and pulls a t-shirt on over her head. The Goat's abduction makes headlines but Sammy's disappearance is yet to be noticed.

Frankie Shaw having sex on top of a guy in the back of a store, riding him while wearing nothing but a t-shirt so we get a view of her bare butt.

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